Technical characteristics

The blinds consist of aluminium cassette with a mechanism controled either by an electromotor or a winch gearbox, aluminium slats and side-guides or stainless steel cords. There is a possibility of adding an aluminium decorative cover to the upper part of the blinds. The height of the cover is determined by blind's total height. It is started by a “ladder” system and operated via winch or electomotor.


  1. Cassette dimensions: 56 x 58 mm
  2. Slats: 80 mm (width)
  3. Package width: 133 mm
  4. Side-guides: 22 x 20 mm
  5. The gap between the guides and window profile (side-guide bracket): 60 mm
  6. Maximum width: 4000 mm — 6000 mm (electric control)
  7. Minimum width: 600 mm
  8. Maximal height: 4000 mm
  9. Maximal surface with winch control: 8 m2
  10. Maximal surface with electric control: 24 m2
  11. Powered by a winch– cardan joint 90° or 45° or by electric motor (torque is limited by the surface area).
  12. Package height depending on the maximum height of the blind (informative measures in centimeters for winch controlled system and + 20 mm for systems with electric motors):