Bioclimatic pergolas

This groundbreaking product in the field of sun and weathering protection offers incredible possibilities of use, great comfort and safety.

Main characteristics: 

  • Aluminium slats, specially profiled to ideally overlap, thus preventing any water penetration 
  • The slats can, optionally, be filled with thermal protection material
  • Additional water drainage and sealing system
  • BIOCLIMATIC air quality control system - by which the slats rotate around their axis and fully retract (to open the pergola) or pull out (to close the pergola). They provide temperature control, ventilation, protection from UV and IR radiation, rain, hail and snow.
  • Full motion automation, with sensors that monitor all weather conditions: temperature, wind, precipitation, as well as time of day.
  • Optional installation of the vertical sun protection system GGT 1000 ZIP or GGT 4000 ZIP provides additional sun and insect protection.
  •  Optional installation of vertical movable glass surfaces allows the use of the newly closed space all year round, regardless of the season.