Acoustic screen

Screen protection with special acoustic features

Acoustic screen is a specialy modified and shaped screen fiberglass canvas that is used for protection against unwanted sound frequencies that appear as a result of reflections and sound interactions between objects made out of different materials and their position in the environment.

Stadiums, concert and opera halls, liberaries, big shopping malls are just some of the locations where unwanted sounds like noise and echoes can become very unpleasant or, even, interfere with everyday activities in the premises.

After mapping the positions with biggest interference and resonance in the selected area, a special Acoustis® 50 screen canvas is placed in shapes and positions strictly determined by the calculations, in order to achieve the maximum effect of mitigating or even eliminating certain frequencies.

By clicking on the image below you can look at the original catalog of the Acoustis®50 screen canvas, featuring technical features and color palette.

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